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iMovie ’11 with All New Effects and More!

by Winston Sih | October 20, 2010October 20, 2010 12:03 pm PDT

iMovie ’11 was introduced with many new updates including some of the following:

Users can now do color coded audio editing. By grabbing the whole segment of audio, to raise or lower the volume, and audio effects comparable to the video effects added in ’09.

As Apple mentioned, for simple edits to video, for example, you can now freeze and highlight the last frame of your video and flash and add new effects to it.

As well according to Slash gear, “There’s Movie Trailers, you can turn a list of ad-libs into a high-quality movie trailer list, aka you’re the director, your sister is the grip, and your dog is the star! It gives you suggestions for how the trailer aught to look for what kind of movie you intent to make, and you’ve just got to plug in movies you’ve filmed or made! Keywords for videos help you out with this, allowing you to see clips of your movies organized by “Group” or “Action” or “Closeup” plus lots more.”

You can use a very simple drag-and-drop interface as it’s always been on iMovie, very quick on whichever machine they’re using in this presentation.

In addition, there will be absolutely no loading time at all and trailer they’ve created is epic, fades in and out, correct timing and everything.  It is reportedly, impossibly easy to use, taking out the job of the human almost completely.

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