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Apple to hold ‘Back to the Mac’ event on Oct. 20th

by Sean P. Aune | October 13, 2010October 13, 2010 10:04 am PDT

Apple has sent out invitations to the media for yet another one of its infamous press events. This one will be held on Oct. 20th at 10 AM PDT, and, oddly enough, it looks like it will have absolutely nothing to do with the iPhone, but will instead be all about the Mac. Wow … they still make those?

As you can see from the press invite below, Apple is going to be holding a Mac-centric press event next Wednesday entitled “Back to the Mac.” From the lion peering out from behind the Apple logo, our guess this will be the announcement for Mac OS 10.7, which will probably be called “Lion”, keeping with the big cat theme that Apple adopted some years ago. Kind of surprising it took us this long to get to the feline that is considered the king of the jungle.

Back to the Mac

Before you get too excited and think that you’ll see new software dropping next week, remember that Apple announced 10.6 Snow Leopard almost a year before it finally shipped, so this is probably just a pre-announcement of what we can expect from the next iteration of the operating system.

As for hardware, there is a slim chance we may see a new MacBook Air which is overdue for an update, and we’ve been hearing rumors that the supply chain for them is drying up rapidly. As of today it has been 492 days since this Apple laptop has updated, so it really does need some new life breathed into it.  MacBook Pros are also rapidly approaching the time for an update, but do keep in mind that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is not known for mixing hardware and software events together.  Although, with the holiday shopping season almost upon us, imagine what the company’s quarter would look like if it did ship new portables.

Expect next week to be very Apple-centric when it comes to news as we have a quarterly earnings report on Monday the 18th, and now a press event on the 20th, so it’s going to be wall-to-wall Apple next week.

What say you?  What do you think Apple will be announcing?

Sean P. Aune

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