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Facebook Joining Forces With Skype

by Leslie Poston | September 30, 2010September 30, 2010 10:00 am PST

The news today that Facebook and Skype would be pursuing integration of their services, blending Facebook Connect, SMS messaging and voice chat, is a mixed bag for those who use Skype for business and Facebook for casual contacts. For most it’s good news, though. It certainly is good news for Facebook, who has long wanted to get its foot in the door as a communications platform.

Facebook seems to be forging ahead with it’s plan to become the dominant destination for all things connective online. It’s making inroads on communities, businesses, advertising, search, photo storage, information sharing, information discovery and now – communications. Currently, Facebook chat is their weakest feature so Skype integration is a smart move to take care of that problem.

A melding of communications with your existing community using a platform so many are already familiar with can only be a win for both companies. It’s certainly going to be a huge win to raise awareness for Skype, which sometimes gets stuck in the perception of being a business tool only. Of course, it will make ignoring those relatives now invading Facebook just a little harder, as well.