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Kindle A Fire Under Your Blog

If you are smart online, you’re always looking for ways to make multiple income streams happen. Every trickle into your wallet adds up. Luckily for you, internet shopping behemoth Amazon makes it easy to create a subscription income stream and get your blog offline to the Kindle lugging masses.

Get started:

1. Go to Amazon’s Kindle Publishing For Blogs site

2. Create an account – it’s a quick three-step process. I was able to associate my existing Amazon Author name from Twitter for Dummies and from my Affiliate account. If you’ve never had an Amazon account before (something I’d find hard to believe), you’ll have to start fresh. They’ll want to know how to pay you in this step also, and you’ll have to agree to their TOS (terms of service)

3. Add A Blog. Do this by Filling out the one page blog submission form. Make sure you preview your blog before clicking submit! The screen capture will act as your blog’s “book cover” so you want it to look right. Note: the screen capture won’t change automatically if you redesign your blog later – you can see evidence of this in the sidebar of Uptown Uncorked, where the Kindle subscribe option shows the old design. Click publish when ready.

4. Add and validate your blog’s feed. Note: Kindle versions remove ads, videos and user generated links.

5. In the how to be found section, be descriptive. This is your chance to “sell” folks on subscribing to your blog, and Amazon gives you plenty of character space to entice them to click. This will become your blog’s detail page in the Kindle Store.

6. Preview your blog one more time and look for any errors. This is your last chance to fix it!

7. Publish your blog to the Kindle Store

Amazon sets the price your blog to a range they determine from 99 cents up to $1.99 a month. Bloggers receive a payout of 30%, with a payout threshold of $10. It’s not a huge amount of money, but if you use their promotional widgets and get the word out well, you could pay for your hosting by adding this option.