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Apple Bites Huge Chunk Of The Mobile Pie

With an economy that’s still limping along coupled with an upswing in mobile device use as an economical and portable computing solution, you’d think that all mobile device manufacturers would be sitting pretty. Not so.

According to recent data, Apple is the only one really raking it in right now with mobile, in spite of their unholy alliance with AT&T. It seems if you make something useful enough, easy enough to use and attractive, people will flock to it.

201009220034.jpgHow much “raking it in” are they really doing? They have outsold every other mobile device by 32% as of the end of Quarter 2 in 2010. That’s huge! The report listed them as selling 17 million handsets total in all of Quarter 1 and Quarter 2, 2010. Not only did Apple make the coolest and most innovative devices this year, they took a 39% market share, in a recession.

How did they do it? They have managed to find that sweet spot between tools for the every geek, design that makes even the most fashion conscious drool, and a user interface learnable and usable for anyone at any level of techspertise or any age. That is the great trifecta that will move your tech product. Toss in a lower price on many items, opening their devices up to new markets and to budget conscious fans who’ve been waiting, and you see the secret to their success.

Shareholders are happy, as Apple (AAPL) was valued as of Tuesday by Canaccord Genuity at a price target of $356 per share. That’s a little out of this Apple fans stock budget, but shows promise if you can afford to buy in.