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Stan Lee Gets With The Spec Work Trend

by Leslie Poston | September 20, 2010September 20, 2010 10:00 am PDT

Let me be clear, I think spec work is a bit evil. I think it devalues the work of artists (and writers, etc) and drives prices down, hurting all artists, not just established ones. I think the internet gives us a level playing field where we no longer need spec work – an enterprising artist should be able to build a network for success without resorting to whoring themselves out for cheap money.

It’s also a disturbing factor that someone with the resources and clout of Stan Lee would come to a spec work site for help with a logo. Perhaps he is simply looking for unsung talent. To that I say, use your Twitter account. Get a referral for an up and comer. Don’t use the spec system. All that aside, the fact of the matter is that some up and coming geeky, comic loving artist (or established one) has a chance to put “I made a logo for Stan Lee” on their resume if they are willing to toss their art in the ring and duke it out with other spec artists for the privilege.

Stan Lee charity foundation projectStop going on about the evils of spec work and tell us how to enter our art work, you say? So be it. To enter, you need to head over to Talenthouse and look for the Stan Lee charity foundation project (linked here). Once you establish your log in and profile on the site, read the criteria and submit your work. Better hurry though – there are only just over 2 days left to win as of this writing. The big decision is being made on September 28, 2010.

Some interesting things to note about the logo call: the foundation wants NO COMIC ART from existing characters to be used. They are looking for a completely fresh look and feel for this Stan Lee property. That should throw an interesting curve to the true Stan Lee fans out there. If you enter, please come back here and tell us so we can look at your work and, if it’s good, vote you up.