HTC Battery Drain Solutions: Juice Defender

I’m a fairly recent Android owner with an HTC Incredible. I got my phone (a replacement for an HTC Touch Pro 2) before Froyo. Life before Froyo was battery heaven. It lasted for days on end, no matter how many apps I had open or minutes I talked. Then, Verizon did a push of the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Incredible and all bets were off.

Now, the battery runs dry before even half a day is gone. I’ve been throwing various solutions at the problem to see what sticks – from uninstalling some beloved apps, to researching how to remove bloatware, and now, to installing applications designed to help with battery problems.

201009162253.jpgI tried Advanced Task Killer, which worked great on the Android 2.1 system, but it didn’t seem to help with Froyo. Checking under Settings for Battery Life to see what was draining the battery I found the system itself running at a whopping 67%! That certainly isn’t right – the average Android Froyo system hovers around 10% battery use. After throwing several solutions at the problem that didn’t stick, I have found one that seems to work well enough to keep the drain down to 15%: Juice Defender.

Once again, we’ve got a QR code for you to scan into your Android phone if you, too are in need of battery drain help. After the app is downloaded and installed, just click the giant ENABLE button to turn it on. I’ve found it works well with the default settings, but there are several levels of customization you can tap into by entering into Advanced Mode and making some tweaks.

One caution: the one thing that has started happening since installing Juice Defender: truncated calls. If a call lasts longer than 45 minutes (not uncommon in my profession), it simply makes a soft click and ends the call. I haven’t done the troubleshooting I need to do to confirm Juice Defender is the culprit in this – the timing simply suggests that is the case. Regardless, with Juice Defender installed I’m back to full smart phone use for an entire day – a big improvement over the two hours I was getting immediately after Froyo installed.