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Android Desktop Notifier, So You Never Miss A Beat

by Leslie Poston | September 16, 2010September 16, 2010 9:30 am PST

From the ever changing secret stash over at Google Labs, we get a nice notifier to allow your phone and computer to communicate. Scanning that QR code with your Android phone will get you a new application designed to keep you from missing any important, or unimportant, communications on your phone ever again. If you are the type of person who gets so focused on World of Warcraft (er, WORK, we mean work) that you miss calls, texts and other phone notifications – this may help.

How it works:

Android Notifier qr code1. Snap the QR code to the right to install the phone app to your Android phone.

2. Surf over to Google Labs and download android-notifier-desktop for your Linux, Windows or Mac machine. You’ll also find information there about the project (Google Labs is considering merging it with the official Android project) and how to use it. (Or if you’re a Mac, grab this native client)

3. Make sure Growl is installed and on if you are a Mac

4. Adjust your settings

That’s it – you’re done. You’ll be receiving push notifications to your desktop whenever there is activity on your phone in no time. I admit, I tried this out and found it to be a bit distracting for me at work, but then I keep notifications off on all apps and tend to avoid things like Growl as well so I can focus during the day.

The thing that might make me fight the distraction factor and try it again? Voicemails and incoming call notifications via Bluetooth or WiFi. Not having to scramble for my phone to see who’s left a message is a nice feature. Have you tried this app or do you have one that does phone to desktop push notifications you like better (or that you made)? Tell us about it here!