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GV Mobile Has Been Resubmitted to the App Store

by Travis Harvey | September 15, 2010September 15, 2010 12:30 pm PDT

There’s good news for all you Google Voice fanatics.  The creator of GV Mobile has officially submitted an updated version of his Google Voice compatible app that was pulled last year.  If you’re memory seems to fail you, a flashback adventure awaits.  Sean Kovacs posted a blog entry with his tentative plans for the updated submission and here’s what’s on the menu.

The app’s name has changed to GV Mobile+ with retina display compatibility.  The app’s been updated to work with iOS 4.0’s fast app switching.  The GV Mobile app icon is now this.

If you were among those who purchased some iteration of GV Mobile either during its short time available on OS 3.0 or as a rebel jailbreaker, you’ll be able to get GV Mobile+ for free.  In fact, Kovacs’ plans for pricing are as follows.

The app will be priced at $2.99 in the App Store from the get go.  About a week later the app’s price will drop to free for a limited time (about 12 hours).  Anyone can pick up the app for free during this brief period but you’ve got to act quick!  After that free period, the app will revert to it’s original price of $2.99 for the foreseeable future.

Here are a few screen captures Sean posted of GV Mobile+ via Twitter.


If you’re eyeing a Google Voice app for the iPhone, it’s likely this will be the first and best available for some time.  If you want to know when the price drop is happening, you best follow SeanKovacs on Twitter.  The announcement can come at any time.