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Block More Than Just Your Ex With ExBlocker

by Leslie Poston | September 15, 2010September 15, 2010 1:00 am PDT

ExBlocker is the brainchild of DC branding company Jess3, spearheaded by Jesse Thomas. I love that a company who has delivered such big name data visualization projects as NASA’s buzzroom set it’s sights on a problem common to the everyman and everywoman online. What does it do? Exactly what it says: it blocks your exes from your view when you’re online.

ExBlocker got quite a bit of buzz when it first launched as people discovered the joys of being able to filter out their exes online and gain back a bit of control over what they have to be subjected to online. It also gave people back some self control – I’m sure quite a few of our readers have caught themselves clicking around to see what that ex was up to in an idle moment, then kicked themselves for it later as it sent them into a funk, or just plain wasted their time.

201009142118.jpgHow do you get it? If you have Chrome or FireFox, you simply go to the Jess3 ExBlocker site and set up your first Ex to block then either add up to four more Exes or click Download Your Blocker. Then your Ex is magically removed from your site, never to annoy you again.

What I found most interesting was its potential for blocking other unwanted folks online. Got an itch to shut up a charlatan online? Have a troll under your internet bridge? Suffering from the unwanted attention of a fired employee? Block ’em with the ExBlocker. This could be a truly handy tool for cutting down the babble of the bubble – I wonder if Jess3 will make it so you can add more than 5 names? Picture that – a less annoying internet. I’m all for it.