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Sony Launches, Steve Jobs Likely Unpleased

by Travis Harvey | September 13, 2010September 13, 2010 5:00 pm PST

The motion gaming space is about to heat up as Sony launches Playstation Move in the less than a week, followed by Microsoft’s Kinect on November 4th.  Sony doesn’t want you thinking the future of games are headed towards full body control with nary a button in sight.  So to stop the movement before it spreads too far, they’ve launched, a site that celebrates buttons in a way you’ve never seen before.

The site is pretty basic.  They’ve got some Flash content with the Move controller front and center.  You click the buttons and read while Move has a one-way conversation with itself about why buttons make the world go ‘round.  Sure, buttons might not be “’save the whales’ important,” but when it comes to gaming, there’s no matching the options that come bundled with a few tactile controls.  It continues…

“Some people think you don’t need buttons.”yaybuttons


And a heartwarming poem:

Best thing for gaming…ever.”

Undeniably outstanding.”

The greatest way to control anything.”

Too many Ts in this word.”

“Something other than Outstanding.”

No way out of this poem now.”

Shakespeare would be proud.”

There’s quite a few digs taken at Microsoft’s controller-less Kinect so if you’re dying to heard what the almighty Move controller has to say, head on over to  While you’re there, pre-order Move from the Playstation Store.

Buttons or Button-less?  Let us know who’ll ultimately win the motion gaming crown.  Don’t forget to back it up with some cold hard opinions.