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Rumor: iPad 2 May Be Closer Than We Think

by Sean P. Aune | September 11, 2010September 11, 2010 8:00 am PDT

Are you ready for the second generation iPad? If rumors are to be believed, we may be a lot closer to the iPad 2 than we realize, and there is even a slim chance we may see it before the 2010 holidays.

AppleInsider is reporting that a reliable source has informed him that Apple is anxious to get the second generation iPad out on the market and is looking to break its usual one year product cycle on iOS devices by releasing a second iPad in the first quarter of 2011.  (The first version released in April making it a second quarter release)

iPad ChristmasWhere the rumor gets strange is that apparently some in the company would like to see it get out in the market prior to this year’s holiday shopping season. While that might be nice I personally think that is just wishful thinking on the part of some people. The potential drawbacks of putting out two iPads in the same calendar year could potentially cause a huge consumer backlash against the company.  There would also an issue of being able to get enough of them into the supply channel in time, and seeing as the company just caught up with production on the first generation device, it seems unlikely they would be able to pull off a second this fast.

Personally I think the iPad was always meant to be a first quarter device release.  Although the first iteration didn’t ship until April, and May for the 3G version, the company made the announcement in the first quarter of 2010, so seeing another version at that time would make sense.

The one thing the rumor agreed upon no matter when it releases is that it will include FaceTime support, which certainly fits in with the previous rumor report we had that showed an iPad running debugging software for the video chatting software.  This of course means the inclusion of a camera, and that is the primary thing every one expected out of the second generation device.

Expect these rumors to pick up speed in the coming days.

What say you?  When do you think we’ll see the second iPad?

Sean P. Aune

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