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Will Sonic Colors Break Sega’s Curse?

by Travis Harvey | September 7, 2010September 7, 2010 3:30 pm PST

Before Sega dropped out of the console wars, the Sonic franchise was doing pretty well for itself.  The insanely fast speed of his games made Sonic one of the dominant forces in the early console days.   Since the transition to 3D worlds, the franchise has seen drastic slips in game reviews with some games scoring embarrassingly low.  Can Sega bring Sonic back from the grave with Sonic Colors or is the hedgehog doomed to second-rate games forever?

The last title I’ve personally played was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle back on the Nintendo GameCube.  Unfortunately, it was bad.   The game got dramatically more repetitive as the story unfolded, the camera was equally frustrating, and the multiplayer was severely lacking on all fronts.  The mini game that allowed you to raise the baby Chaos sadly had more depth than the game itself.  It was a bust on all fronts.

Sonic Colors, from the trailer (see above) seems to shift a considerable amount of focus onto the speed of the gameplay for which Sonic is known.  Adventure 2 Battle had you stopping all too often to do some platforming more suited for a Mario game.  What made Sonic so good was the non-stop, in your face speed that’d eventually get you killed if you weren’t careful.  We don’t need to fight so many baddies except for boss battles, and we don’t need to play as anyone but the main characters.  Enough with Shadow, Amy Rose, and all the other no names. Give us Sonic, throw in a little Tails, and make it all about the speed.  Don’t stop unless you die.

Maybe it’s easier said than done.  After all, it’s been almost a decade since we’ve seen a worthy Sonic title.  It’s about time to change that and hopefully Sonic Colors shows us Sega’s on the right track.  What do you think?  Do you enjoy the recent Sonic Games?  Have you given up on the franchise?  Let us know below.