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August Web Browser Market Report Has Internet Explorer Dropping Again

Well, that didn’t last long.  After two months of regaining some of its slipping market share, Microsoft’s oft-derided Internet Explorer browser resumed its downward spiral.  True, it only fell .34 percent, but considering this was the second largest move of the month, it is very worth noting.

Lets take a look at the chart so far this year according to the measurements of NetMarketshare.

Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Jan 2010 5.22% 24.43% 62.12% 2.38% 4.53%
Feb 2010 5.61% 24.23% 61.58% 2.35% 4.45%
March 2010 6.13% 24.52% 60.65% 2.37% 4.65%
April 2010 6.73% 24.59% 59.95% 2.30% 4.72%
May 2010 7.05% 24.35% 59.69% 2.43% 4.77%
June 2010 7.24% 23.81% 60.32% 2.27% 4.85%
July 2010 7.16% 22.91% 60.74% 2.45% 5.09%
August 2010 7.52% 22.93% 60.40% 2.37% 5.16%

Looking at the chart, it looks like the numbers for July may have been off in some ways because everything seems to have adjusted some what.

chromediscGoogle’s Chrome returned to its growing ways, hitting an all time high for the two year old browser.  If we were to guess, there is a chance Chrome will break through nine percent of the market by the end of this year at its current pace.  Yes, that’s a bold statement, and it would mean absolutely nothing going wrong, but despite a one month slide, this browser has done nothing but grow this year.

Let us not forget about Apple’s Safari.  While it doesn’t receive as much attention, it has continued to grow all year, but even after eight months it only amounts to a gain of .63 percent.  Our thoughts are, a gain is a gain, so don’t sneeze at it.

Mozilla’s Firefox had a very modest .02 percent gain, and Opera … oh, Opera.  It’s like watching a car trying to rock itself out of the mud on a dirt road.  Some day it might move, but we’re not holding out breath for it.

What say you.  Why do you think, despite a one month slip, that Google Chrome has grown so much this year?

Sean P. Aune

Sean P. Aune has been a professional technology blogger since July 2007, but his love of tech dates back to at least 1976 when his parents bought...