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All About Game Center

by Winston Sih | September 1, 2010September 1, 2010 2:02 pm PST

screen-shot-2010-09-01-at-35810-pmGame Center is the newest Apple application that allows friends and “soon-to-be-friends” game on all the action.  You can invite someone to join and get a game going.  You can also choose to go up agains other people you may not know from around the world in a multiplayer game.

The Game Center application will let users expand on their social gaming network horizons.  With iOS 4.1 a user will see a Game Center application on the homescreen and with an Apple ID, you’re good to go.  Apple claims that you can “You can create a different nickname that will be visible to friends and the gaming community. You can also assign several email addresses to the Game Center app, making it easy for more friends to find you. Download any games you see by tapping links in Game Center. Games can be started right in the Game Center app. And the best part, once you sign in to Game Center, you’re always connected. Until you decide to sign out.”

You can bring your friends along into the Game Center.  You can invite someone by sending a friend request with their user nickname or email address.  Your friends show up in a Friends list and you tap on their name to see what games they’ve been playing.  You’ll have the option to accept pending friend request and add as you see fit.

You can see other user’s leaderboards and see your score ranks agains other friends, as well as players for each game.  As well you can compare achievements with friends.  As well, auto-match will prioritize your friends if they happen to be looking for an auto-match, too. If not, it will set you up with a soon-to-be-friend from anywhere around the world.

Game Center will be available in iOS 4.1 when it comes out next week.