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Microsoft Can’t Afford for Windows Phone 7 to Fail

by Travis Harvey | August 27, 2010August 27, 2010 5:00 pm PDT

We’re drawing closer to the final release of Windows Phone 7 that’ll launch overseas in less than two months.  Developers are working hard on their apps, manufacturers on their hardware, and Microsoft on wiping the slate clean from Windows Mobile.  A report from TechCrunch yesterday says Microsoft’s stacking it’s chips and preparing for a half billion dollar campaign to spread the word on Windows Phone 7. It’s certainly a lot of money today but if Microsoft plays conservatively now, they’re risking more money than you can imagine.

windows phone 7 The explosion in the mobile world over the past few years has been a long time coming.  As our smartphones have become our portable computers, they’ve embedded themselves in every aspect of our lives. They’re computers that we have on us every hour of the day and there’s profit to be made beyond the sale of any computer.

Microsoft owns the desktop world with Windows penetration at an insanely high, 90+% market share.  Through Windows they manage to dominate the internet browser market and productivity suite that most anyone’s familiar with.  Their more recent endeavor into search went better than many had expected and is now the life force beneath Yahoo!
Search.  There’s money to be made in each and every one of these ventures.

As our mobile computers slowly begin to overtake our stationary, desktop lives, Microsoft can’t afford to sit on ten sidelines while Apple, Google, and RIM reap the rewards.  The future is mobile and if Microsoft wants to be part of our computing future they need to make it in the mobile world.  It’s do or die and you can bet the top dogs up in Redmond know this just as well.

Its hard enough to get a second chance, so lets hope they don’t blow it.  Based on early impressions, things are staring to look up for Microsoft’s mobile endeavors.  What do you think?  Is Microsoft going all in?  What if they fail?  Let us know down below!