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Why Are Businesses Adopting the iPad?

by Jack McGrath | August 26, 2010August 26, 2010 5:00 pm PST

In a recent study performed by Citrix, 84 percent of businesses voiced their support for personal use of the Apple iPad in the workplace. Of the 494 companies surveyed thus far, 80 percent approve the purchasing of the tablet devices for solely business purposes.

Chris Fleck, an executive at Citrix, explained that the reason why many companies approve of the iPad’s use is due to the lack of IT issues.” The iPad is locked down and secure and there’s no RJ-45 jack to plug into the wall, which is a big plus from an IT perspective,” said Fleck. Many IT professionals have the preconceived notion that iOS devices provide poor security, while in reality the lack of ports makes it more secure than personal laptops.

ipad portrait The surprising thing about the study is that the iPad’s enterprise adoption rate has grown exponentially faster than that of the iPhone. Many critics of the handheld associated it with poor security protocols, deficiencies with the operating system and hardware, and Apple’s exclusivity agreement with AT&T. Granted these complaints came at a time when the iPhone did not offer Microsoft Exchange support, it seems a bit audacious to make these claims nowadays.

Apple initially advertised the device to meet the needs of the consumer market, though it became clear almost initially that many wanted the device to become more business friendly. Ever since the launch of iPhone OS 2.0, Apple has been supporting businesses through their SDK and extended support for Exchange. The Cupertino company also has a page on their website dedicated to how businesses use their resources to become more efficient.

Having alleviated the concerns of IT professionals, it seems like Apple is preparing to take over the handheld business market. They certainly have captured the attention of those who are in the market for tablet devices.

Do you think that Apple’s iOS devices are poised to take the business world by storm? Let us know.

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