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Hotmail Gets Exchange ActiveSync on Monday

by Winston Sih | August 26, 2010August 26, 2010 1:40 pm PST

One of the most anticipated features that will be a part of Hotmail’s latest update will include Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and will arrive early next week.

Microsoft’s Dharmesh Mehta said to CNET in Redmond, Washington that “Exchange ActiveSync, which will let Hotmail users get push e-mail on cell phones and other devices, will become available on Monday.”

Many smartphones in the market support ActiveSync for access to an Exchange server but the feature will be even more useful on the small amount of smartphones that support multiple ActiveSync accounts like Apple’s iPhone 4 and the Palm Pre as well as the upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices.  Users who don’t have access to an Exchange Server but have a device with ActiveSync support can try out Hotmail’s newest feature.

Hotmail users have been on the prowl for an IMAP-enhanced or other syncing capabilities and Mehta noted that ActiveSync provides a more robust service and when combined with POP access, it should allow Hotmail users to have the syncing features they’ve been looking for.