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Pandora Adds Genre Stations

by Sean P. Aune | August 25, 2010August 25, 2010 8:00 am PST

Pandora has grown to be one of the leading streaming music services in the United States due to its ability to build intelligent stations for you from simply telling it a song or performer you like.  You enter the information, it plays a song to ask you if this sounds like what you want, and then it finds similar pieces of music based on the original song’s construction.  It has become popular enough that it is appearing on all sorts of different mobile devices, and is even being built into some cars now as a radio option.

While the system works well over all, there has been a major drawback when you wanted to listen to a genre of music, but are unable to find what you consider the “perfect” song to represent it.  Luckily Pandora has heard your pleas and come up with a solution that should solve that for you.

Pandora button logoLaunching today, Pandora is releasing a slew of “Genre” stations that are built for you around a specific type of music.  Once you start listening to it you can use the usual “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons to vote on songs and further customize the station to your liking.  Currently this new feature is launching with 100 micro-genres so that you can hopefully find what you are looking for.  You first choose a parent genre, click on it and the sub-genres will appear.

Yes, we know you may have seen this news yesterday as it was announced on Monday, but it turns out the press release went out a day earlier than it was supposed to, and then there was some confusion on the actual launch time.  To see the new stations you can go to, and it should work for you as the company ended up launching it earlier than scheduled to make up for the mistake.

As someone who listens to some off-the-wall stuff, I have no clue if they’ll be able to match a lot of my tastes, but at least it should help me some new starting points.

What say you?  Excited for new genre-based stations?

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