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Apple’s Correct in Flash Judgement, Says Laptop Mag

by Winston Sih | August 23, 2010August 23, 2010 8:54 am PDT

A lot of attention has been placed on Adobe’s attempt at a multimedia standard, which was used by many manufacturers and web designers, except for Apple.  After endless debates, Adobe senior staff have said they’ve ‘moved on’ from the dispute with Apple — but they haven’t moved very far — the software still doesn’t meet the needs of the smartphone revolution.

According to Laptop Mag, an in-depth check of Flash running on a new Droid 2 using Android 2.2 will get much more modern and up-to-date an Android model than that right now.

I’m sad to admit that Steve Jobs was right. Adobe’s offering seems like it’s too little, too late.

Recall Apple CEO Steve Jobs in his famed ‘Thoughts on Flash’ letter where he said, “Most Flash websites will need to be rewritten to support touch-based devices. If developers need to rewrite their Flash websites, why not use modern technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript?”

Many believe that Steve Job’s was correct because not only did users complain that games were slow, but he adds, “even worse, when these games loaded there was no way to control most of the action.”

In reality, it isn’t as if Adobe didn’t know a smartphone revolution was on the way.  Flash inventor Macromedia was investing heavily in such technologies — before it was acquired by Adobe.

In some concluding words from Laptop Mag’s Avram Plitch, “Based on my early experience with Flash Player 10.1 for mobile, it could soon join the floppy drive in the tech graveyard, something else Steve Jobs helped kill.”