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Facebook Getting Friendly With Locations On Wednesday?

It is easy to imagine that the offices of Foursquare and Gowalla are in full panic mode right now with the announcement on Monday night that the press was being summoned to Facebook headquarters on Wednesday evening for a press event. Why would it make the two leading location based application companies upset? Is it really that difficult to figure out?

Facebook LogoRumors of Facebook launching some sort of location feature have been circulating for some time now, and everything points to this even this week being about exactly that.  Rumor had it that Facebook approached Foursquare multiple times about a possible purchase, but was turned down as the smaller company each time as it was sure it could go things on its own.

This is actually something I have said numerous places, and on several podcasts, that location-based apps are “features” to other services, they are not services unto themselves.  People complain about check-in fatigue, but part of that is you go to your Foursquare app, you check-in and … you’re done.  There’s no walls to check, no messages, no pictures to look at and so on.  Now, check-in and then check your Facebook account and people may go nuts for it.

We’ll learn more on Wednesday evening, but it looks like Facebook is about to enter the location-based arena in a big, bad way.

What say you??  Will you be more interested in location-based stuff if it’s attached to anoter app you use a lot?

Sean P. Aune

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