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Apple Shouldn’t Wait to Issue the Next iPhone Software Update

The latest flaw in Apple’s iOS was uncovered with this week’s release of JailbreakMe, revealing a security vulnerability that’s capable of executing code.  Apple has told CNET, ”We’re aware of this reported issue, we have already developed a fix and it will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.” This isn’t the only reason Apple needs to put a rush on its next software update.

Of course the chances slim to none that you’ll find yourself navigating Safari to an unsafe PDF that manages to hijack your device, as the flaw is less than one week old.  The sooner Apple patches what seems like a huge oversight, the less likely anyone is to have any of their information taken without their permission.  One iPhone held hostage through the exploit reeks of bad PR and you can bet they’ll package that software fix up in a heartbeat and urge users to update immediately.  It’s strange they didn’t do so as soon as it was discovered.


Apple still hasn’t addressed the iPhone 4 owners who are experiencing problems with the proximity sensor not recognizing their face.  The 30-day return policy has already expired for the earliest adopters, those who are the most likely to keep the device no matter the flaw.  The average consumer isn’t devoted to Apple’s products so strongly and as they continue to see problems with no fix in sight, they might jump ship before Apple gets around to their promised fix.

The longer Apple waits, toying with Game Center and such, the longer they’re exposed to buyers bringing back their devices and losing mindshare for something that’s easily fixable.  Apple needs to push 4.1 to iDevices, and fast.  Do you think Apple has more to lose the longer they wait?  Are you experiencing troubles with your iPhone 4 proximity sensor? Let us know in the comments.