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7” iPad, iPhone 5, and 3 New iPods Enroute?

by Travis Harvey | August 5, 2010August 5, 2010 12:30 pm PST

Apple rumors come and go more often than the tech world needs but iLounge has taken to their blog to discuss the changes ahead that they’ve heard for a few of Apple’s devices.  They believe the iPod, iPhone, and iPad are all getting updated, some of which may come earlier than expected.  Here’s what they’ve heard so far.

Three New iPods

Apple’s annual iPod event is drawing near and iLounge’s source says a new iPod Nano, a new iPod Touch, and a mysterious third will all make their debut whenever Apple pulls the trigger.  It seems pretty obvious the iPod Touch is getting a camera or two but they haven’t been given any specifics about a new Nano or the third.  The third may put to use those 1.7” touchscreens uncovered earlier this year.  We’re likely to see these devices come to fruition by the end of September.

7-inch iPad

Before its unveiling early this year, there were whispers of Apple’s tablet prototype taking on more sizes than one.  They could’ve been toying with 5”, 7”, and likely a wide range of screen sizes until they settled on the final 9.7” size.  iLounge says a 7-inch iPad is nearing the final stages of development and will be ready for an unveiling later this year or early 2011.  If true, developers will have a third screen size to take into account when developing applications.


iPhone 5

This one is the most unbelievable of the three but iLounge’s source says Apple is pushing up the release date of the fifth-gen iPhone to early 2011 because of the iPhone 4’s antenna issue.  Beyond that nothing else is given and most are unlikely to buy into that idea.  Apple seems adamant that there is no spoon issue and a redesign of their current product would suggest otherwise.  Instead, the more likely scenario for a 2011 January iPhone announcement would be the elusive Verizon (or any other carrier) device.

It’s a great batch of iDevice rumors and we might never see those second two come to light.  iLounge says their source is highly reliable so take from that what you will.  The question is: do you think the above are true?  Let us know if you think they’re real or if it’s all a crock.