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Windows Phone 7 Coming October

by Travis Harvey | August 3, 2010August 3, 2010 3:30 pm PST

Brace yourselves!  If you’re getting bored of all these Android and iOS devices getting all the attention, Windows Phone 7 is coming to a carrier near you in a matter of months…depending where you live.  In a presentation centered around Windows Phone 7, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner says we’re likely to see the first Windows Phone 7 devices make their way to Europe in the October timeframe.


If you’re not overseas, don’t worry, as the US will be getting its own WinPho 7 devices in November.  This smart phone launch would certainly be a change from what we’ve seen as Apple, Google, and Palm all launched devices in the US before heading out of America.  If you’re in Europe, get your device upgrades ready because you’ll have the first chance in the world to get your hands on Microsoft’s reentry in the mobile space.

Are you going to give Windows Phone 7 a go this fall?  Are you looking forward to seeing something fresh on the market?  Drop a line in the comments!

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