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FaceTime Over 3G Is a Jailbreak Away

by Travis Harvey | August 3, 2010August 3, 2010 12:30 pm PST

That iPhone jailbreak that went live earlier this week is good for more than just unapproved applications.  Although there have been some reports of broken FaceTime and MMS, those willing to accept the risks can download “My3G” from Cydia to work around Apple’s Wifi-only FaceTime restriction, allowing you to make video calls anywhere you’ve got a 3G connection.  Here’s how:

  1. Jailbreak via JailbreakMe.
  2. Add to Cydia’s source list.
  3. Download and install ‘My3G’.
  4. Open ‘My3G’, leaving the settings on their defaults.
  5. Annnnd…FaceTime.

Apple’s bound to fix the Safari exploit that allows JailbreakMe to work its magic so if you’re the jailbreaking type, you’re best holding off from the next iOS update that goes live.