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New Xbox 360 Arcade Revealed By Amazon

by Travis Harvey | July 14, 2010July 14, 2010 5:16 am PST

We already knew that Microsoft would offer a cheaper version of its $299 Xbox 360 Slim similar to the Arcade version of the original Xbox 360.  Amazon Germany jumped the gun with its profile of the Xbox 360 Arcade scheduled to appear later this year.

Although Microsoft previously mentioned the new Arcade console would carry a $199 price tag, Amazon Germany currently lists the console at 148.99 Euros ($189 USD).  Judging from the item’s description, the Arcade system boasts a higher storage than last at a nifty 4GB.


While the release date is currently set to August 20th, Joystiq points out that retailers often jump the gun.  What’s curious, though, is that August date which places its release during Gamescom 2010.

If you’re looking to pick up Microsoft’s new Xbox 360, you might want to consider waiting for the Arcade and just drop a little extra on an added hard drive.  Will you be picking one up this fall or is the internal hard drive more your thing?

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