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iPhone 4 Video Calling Beyond FaceTime

by Travis Harvey | July 13, 2010July 13, 2010 2:52 pm PDT

While Apple announced FaceTime with a strict iPhone 4-to-iPhone 4 limitation, they’re open sourcing the FaceTime to hopefully make it an industry standard.  Until Thursday night, many were probably under the impression that the iPhone’s front-facing camera was locked down to only FaceTime.  In the first of what will likely be more, Fring has updated their 3G calling application to take advantage of that front-facing camera.

Available now in the App Store, Fring allows any two devices to participate in video calls.  As a one-up on FaceTime, Fring allows the video calls to function over both 3G and Wifi.  The app was also updated to take advantage of multitasking with background threading and alerts for incoming video or voice calls.

Now that all you iPhone 4 owners can Fring with your EVO, Incredible, and Droid buddies, expect the other VOIP services to jump on the bandwagon.  How about a Chat Roulette mobile app?