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PS3 Slim Gets Dipped In Bleach, Comes Out Sexy

by Travis Harvey | July 6, 2010July 6, 2010 1:42 am PDT

It looks like Sony announced a “classic white” Playstation 3 Slim that’ll hit stores in Japan later this month.  Phasing out the 120GB PS3 Slim, the console will then only be available in 160GB and 320GB varieties.  The newer white model will only be available in the smaller option that’s fit to be priced at about $340 USD.  The larger 320GB model retails for a solid $400 USD in Japan.


There’s been no word on when we’re likely to see this beauty make it stateside but lets hope they opt for sooner rather than later.   It would sure be a nice way to snatch some wandering eyes from that slimmer, trimmed down Xbox 360.

What is it about white gadgets that triggers so many salivary glands?  Want or do not want, let us know below.

[Via Kotaku]