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Hulu Plus for PS3 & Xbox Requires PS+/Xbox Live Gold

Yesterday Hulu announced its long rumored subscription based premium service, Hulu Plus.  Out of the gate they’re offering the Plus service on iPhones, iPads, and select Samsung connected TVs and Blu-ray players. Hulu already has plans to expand Hulu Plus to the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and beyond.  Unfortunately, it’s not all roses.

Once the service migrates to the Playstation 3, gamers looking to access the full Hulu catalog will first be required to join Sony’s new Playstation Plus subscription.  The $50 yearly subscription might deter some of the would-be Hulu Plus subscribers who may be eyeing up that $10 per month fee.  Those already subscribed to the PS+ will need only to fork over the extra monthly fee to Hulu.  If you’re in it solely for Hulu, it’ll cost you $170 per year.


Playstation 3 owners aren’t the only ones getting the raw end of the deal.  Xbox owners wishing to access the same Hulu Plus content require an Xbox Live Gold subscription in addition to the $10 monthly subscription.  Sorry Silver members but come 2011 and the release of Hulu Plus, it may be time to go gold.

It seems odd Hulu’s requiring both systems be subscribed to premium online subscriptions when they’re already getting their $10 out of the deal.  Are Sony and Microsoft sharing a sliver of that revenue with Hulu or are they counting on Hulu to drive even more subscriptions?  It’s really anyone’s guess but if you’ve got any insight, share it below.