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Team Fortress 2 Available on Mac, Portal Delayed until 2011

by Travis Harvey | June 10, 2010June 10, 2010 8:50 am PST

It looks like Valve missed their Wednesday release window this week, opting to choose Thursday as the day Team Fortress 2 makes its way to the Mac.  On the official Team Fortress 2 blog, Valve titles the content below “Tomorrow.”


Big things are happening RIGHT NOW at Valve.  Things involving cultivated tree-fruit.  BIG things.  Things that rhyme with “grapple.”  Things that rhyme with “Speem Gortress amavailable on the Babac.”

Not today. But tomorrow.  BIG THINGS.  Stay tuned…

Well, ‘tomorrow’ is today so look for Team Fortress 2 in the Mac Steam store for $20.  Then again if you’re an owner of The Orange Box, you’re good to go.

In more depressing news, Valve also announced that the much-anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Portal has been pushed back from a 2010 release to sometime in 2011.  The reason?  Making games is hard.  Heh, who knew?