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Infamous 2 Graces the Cover of July’s Game Informer

by Travis Harvey | June 5, 2010June 5, 2010 2:18 pm PDT

One of the most original games to hit the PS3, Infamous drops the player in Cole MacGrath’s shoes after an explosion wrecks Empire City.  Granted the ability to harness electricity, Cole sets out to find those responsible as players choose between good and evil.  It looks like Sucker Punch is finally ready to take the wraps off their sequel, choosing Game Informer as the messenger.

In October of 2009, David Sullivan sent out one of those all too common tweets that spill the beans a tad bit early and are quickly scrubbed from visibility.  Sullivan tweeted, ”First voiceover/motion capture audition today for a video game” followed by “Re-casting of Cole in the sequel of Infamous. ‘I’ll melt your face.’ e.g.” Back in April, Sony was caught registering the domain by Superannuation.


Did you play Infamous?  Are you excited for a sequel?  Expect to hear more come E3.

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