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Microsoft Actively Trying To Kill Off IE6

How do you know when a Web browser has over stayed its welcome?  When even the company who made it is trying to actively kill it off.

While just about every user in the world has wanted to see Internet Explorer 6 die, it has just never been able to be killed off.  It seems everyone has some excuse for why the program hangs around, but even Microsoft has said “enough” and has tasked an executive with trying to kill it off as quickly as possible.

Why does this almost feel like a parent deciding to put one of its children in the attic? “Oh, IE6? We sent him off to … um … boarding school! Those sounds from the attic? Um … mice?”

ie6 milkRyan Gavin, head of the Internet Explorer business group, told PC Pro,  “Part of my job is to get IE6 share down to zero as soon as possible.”  To this end, Mr. Gavin is working on trying to educate business users of the benefits of using Internet Explorer 8 such as the added security.  To say they’re getting aggressive about this would be an understatement as the company even started an advertising campaign in Australia comparing using IE6 to drinking milk that is nine years out of date.

One of the main arguments companies have made against changing over to a newer version of Internet Explorer is that they wrote their own software that runs inside IE6, and none of them really want to spend the money it would take to upgrade that proprietary software.  Microsoft understands this concern and is even working with companies to help them upgrade those applications to work with IE8.

It is time for IE6 to die.  The Internet and business world have been held hostage by this program for long enough, and until we get rid of it completely, innovation has been encumbered as everything has had to work with it.  Not to mention it has also become an embarrassment to Microsoft, but I honestly feel its unfair for them to get so much bad press over IE6.  While it sucks now, it was a modern browser in its day, and it isn’t their fault so many other companies have held on to it.  It would have been nice if they had stepped up sooner to try to kill it off, but at least they’re trying now.

What say you?  Do you feel Microsoft is doing enough to try to kill off IE6?

Sean P. Aune

Sean P. Aune has been a professional technology blogger since July 2007, but his love of tech dates back to at least 1976 when his parents bought...