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Three More Signs a New iPhone Announcement is Imminent

by Travis Harvey | May 25, 2010May 25, 2010 2:44 am PDT

We’ve grown accustomed to expect a new iPhone announcement annually at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference and as the June 7th date grows closer sure enough, signs that all but confirm a new iPhone are beginning to surface.  Here are the latest.

The iPhone 3G has almost certainly overstayed its welcome.  Priced at the sub $100 level, the iPhone 3G supply is beginning to dry up and according to BoyGeniusReport, Apple has stopped supplying it to AT&T. MacRumors has also found an iPhone 3G shortage in other countries that list the model as “Currently Unavailable.” It’s highly likely that the iPhone 3G will meet its demise with the launch of the iPhone HD.


Likely to take the role the iPhone 3G once played, the iPhone 3GS is already dropping below $100 on contract starting today.  AP News is reporting that Wal-Mart will cut the iPhone 3GS’s price in half starting Tuesday, coming in at $97.  The report suggests retailers are trying to make room for a newer model expected to launch this summer.

Finally, Apple confirmed yesterday that in two weeks, Steve Jobs will kick off WWDC with a keynote on June 7th that’ll start at 10:00 AM PST.  For the past two years, Jobs has unveiled new iPhone hardware that often coincides with a software update for existing models.

Do these three clues, coupled with everything we know about the leaked iPhone saga, point to an announcement of new hardware?  Count on it.