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B&N PubIt DIY Book Publishing

by Winston Sih | May 21, 2010May 21, 2010 6:30 am PST

Barnes and Noble has announced that a new DIY publishing option for independent publishers and self-publishing writers will be available this summer and writers will be able to distribute their works through and Barnes and Noble’s e-book store.

The new service was designed to compete with Amazon’s Digital Text Platform (DTP), a service that many writers have utilized in the past to distribute their works to the Kindle and other Kindle-enabled devices.  Other companies in the business include Sony and Apple and allows users to sell their works to the masses.

Barnes and Noble hasn’t announced the cut that they will take from the device but only saying that, “Independent publishers and writers will appreciate PubIt’s simple and competitive royalty model and compensation process, the details of which will be available in the coming weeks.” The press release also notes that, “Content owners’ intellectual property will be well-protected with Barnes & Noble’s best-in-class digital rights management technology and offered in the industry standard EPUB format that allows publishers’ works to be enjoyed by millions of Barnes & Noble customers on hundreds of the most popular computing, mobile, and eBook reading devices.”

Apple currently gives developers and publishers a 70% cut on the sales that incur on their apps and/or e-book sales.  Amazon has also announced that it will increase its royalty rates on June 30th to the same 70% cut.  Assuming, the Barnes and Noble rate would be similar.  The Barnes and Noble restated that the rates would be “attractive and competitive.”

Similar to Amazon, Barnes and Noble are hoping to expand beyond its e-Book reader and move into the iPhone and iPad App Store as well as an app for Android, BlackBerry, Mac and Windows PCs.