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AT&T Tethering Coming With OS 4.0 Release?

by Travis Harvey | May 19, 2010May 19, 2010 8:17 am PDT

While you probably would have liked to tether your iPhone to your laptop or even iPad, it’s been missing thanks in part to AT&T since OS 3.0.  The latest release of the iPhone OS 4.0 Beta seems to hint that AT&T might actually be ready to bring the service to your iPhone at long last.


Within System Preferences, there’s now an option to “Set Up Internet Tethering” that displays a popup notifying U.S. customers to contact AT&T to enable it on your account.  Unfortunately, anyone who’s contacted AT&T regarding the new popup is told “AT&T isn’t offering tethering at this time.”  So, one year after Apple brought the feature to the iPhone, AT&T’s network might actually be ready to handle the added strain.

Either that, or they’re gearing up for an epic clash of the carrier wars when the iPhone finally becomes available on Verizon.

[Via 9to5Mac]