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Evoluce Adds Touchless Gestures to their 47″ Display

by Travis Harvey | May 14, 2010May 14, 2010 3:20 am PDT

It looks like Microsoft’s got some competition for their Surface project.  Evoluce introduced the world to their 47-inch full HD multitouch display capable of recognizing an unlimited number of simultaneous inputs.  The Evoluce One as it’s called has now been upgraded to support gestures up to half a meter from the display.  Hang a few of these babies on your wall and you’ve got yourself the best way to reenact Minority Report in your living room.  This bad boy will run you 9,990 Euro, or over 12 grand US dollars.  I wonder how long it’ll be until displays like this make their way into our coffee tables for a reasonable price.  Check out the video above for the Evoluce One in action or their YouTube channel for even more multitouchless action.

[Via Engadget]