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MacBook Air Refresh Imminent?

by Travis Harvey | May 11, 2010May 11, 2010 3:16 am PST

It’s been a sad story for the MacBook Air, possibly one of the most neglected in its product lineup.  Last given a spec bump in July of 2009, it’s still running a dated processor and lacking standard features found in the rest of the MacBook line.  All this could change today, according to Australian Macworld which says the refresh is most likely to happen today.

The source for Australian Macworld is the same as the one who accurately predicted the date of latest MacBook Pro refresh.  Apparently the discovery of a new product number on the Apple database that reads MC516LL/A K87 BETTER BTR-USA has led to speculation that the BETTER code within the product number most likely refers to an updated MacBook Air. An early shortage of Intel’s Core i5 ultra mobile processors possibly resulted in a delay to what could have been an earlier product refresh.


There is also the possibility that the product code references a new 27-inch display, taking after the 27-inch iMacs released in the fall of last year.  AppleInsider reported on such a display in the works back in March.   Their sources describe the larger LED cinema internally codenamed “K59”, as having the same pixel ratio as its iMac counterpart being held up as Apple waits for costs to drop.

Only time will tell what Apple plans to (hopefully) unveil this week but if there’s any product that fits the timeline, it’s the MacBook Air.  What do you expect to see in a new revision?  Are you holding out for a 27” Cinema Display?

[Via MacworldAU]