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HP Working Towards a WebOS Tablet for 2010

Although HP’s acquisition of Palm hasn’t been completed, the tech world is undoubtedly eager to see what will make its way out the HP labs flavored with Palm’s technologies.  HP’s late April announcement of the Palm buyout was followed by an affirmation that they would be scaling WebOS across multiple form factors.  The most intriguing?  A WebOS tablet.  If the rumor mill scores one right, it looks like we could see such a device earlier than many would expect.

The Examiner says they’ve been given information by an HP insider that a WebOS tablet under the code name ‘HP Hurricane’ could be released as early as Q3 of this year.  As rumors churned last week that HP had killed their iPad competitor, the HP Slate, it’s very possible the decision to do so was based on Palm’s assets.


A WebOS tablet could likely signal the end to HP’s reliance on Intel processing internals for its tablet devices as WebOS is far less demanding than any version of Windows 7.  More likely, HP may side with a less power hungry ARM processor to power its slates.  In any case, a successful tablet under HP’s belt could do more for WebOS than Palm’s done with the Pre and Pixi.

What do you think?  Does a WebOS tablet interest you?  Is Q3 too soon to expect such a device from HP?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.