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Android Tablet Running Flash Gives iPad the Finger

While the feud between Apple and Adobe is at an all-time high, Adobe is sticking to their belief that Flash has a place in the mobile world.  With Google working to bring Flash to its Android phones, it seems Adobe has found at least one home in the mobile world.  Now that we’re entering a phase of tablet ramp ups Adobe’s looking to prove that its technologies fit and work on the next big war on mobile.

Although the device in the video is still deemed a prototype, its clear they’ve got everything in working order.  Still no word on battery life or HD playback but Nvidia was quickly to take credit for the tablet’s internals, which happen to be the speedy Tegra 2.  Expect to see plenty of Tegra powered tablets as companies realize even Intel’s Atom chip sucks too much power.

Adobe has also brought their Air platform to the same device, which should make development across multiple devices a whole lot easier.  You can check out the Wired app running on said tablet pretty seamlessly.

One thing’s for sure, if you want to run Adobe’s Flash and Air you’re going to have to move past the iPad.  Will the availability of Android tablets slow the web’s transition to HTML5?  Let us know what you think in the comments.