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‘ABC Player’ Coming to an iPad 3G Near You

by Winston Sih | May 4, 2010May 4, 2010 11:38 am PDT

The iPad Wi-Fi + 3G was known to only stream 3G content at a lower quality from providers like Netflix and YouTube but other applications like ABC’s ABC Player refuses to stream content over 3G, restricting viewers to only watch shows via Wi-Fi only.

Many are confused at what the possible reasons are towards the lack of access via 3G.  AT&T is directing all questions to Apple and AppAdvice noted that Apple requires applications looking to use HTTP Live Streaming over 3G to offer low quality streaming options to ease stress on the network.  ABC evidently chose to not include the 3G streaming on its application.

The Silicon Alley Insider reported that ABC has already submitted a version of its iPad application and will offer the ability to stream content via 3G, to the device.

“Good news, iPad 3G owners: ABC’s iPad app will support 3G video streaming in a new update to the app, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The app has already been submitted to Apple, and pending approval — which ABC should get — it will be available for download.”

ABC had indicated to the Silicon Alley Insider that the app would be Wi-Fi only due to “a variety of business and technical considerations.”  Evidently, that decision has since changed.