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iPad Gaming Output to TV…More Please!

As the iPad remains in its infancy, we’re still waiting for some of the most killer apps that are either in development or still unthought of.  Majic Jungle Software, creators of Chopper and DuckDuckDuck for the iPhone, are in the process of developing a sequel to Chopper.  Chopper 2 for the iPhone and iPad is currently slated for release in June and will hopefully bring iPad/iPhone gaming to your television.  Take a look at the video above that shows output from an iPad to the TV while being controlled via an iPhone’s Bluetooth connection.  It may be one expensive rig but if more game developers hop on this bandwagon, we could see the pair of device make for one mean gaming mini-console.  There’s also an alternate setup without a television.

Cool idea?  Just a gimmick?  Let us know what you think.

[Via TUAW]