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Android Marketplace Hits a Milestone

by Travis Harvey | April 26, 2010April 26, 2010 12:33 pm PST

Apple loves to flex their muscle when it comes to its app numbers but the competition is hot on their heels. On Friday, Android Marketplace stalkers AndroLib pinned the total number of Android apps just above 50,000.  In March and April combined, over 17,000 new applications were made available to one of the most popular mobile app platforms.  While Google seems to be sticking with their 38,000 app estimate for now, AndroLib’s tracking shows some impressive developer growth.



With a solid lineup heading into the summer months and beyond, Android is fast becoming a threat to Nokia, Apple, and RIM.  Perhaps one day we’ll see if Google can steal Apple’s app title and take over as #1.  Do you think it’ll happen?  Drop a guess in the comments.

[Via AndroidCentral]