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Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Touch Pack

by Winston Sih | April 25, 2010April 25, 2010 6:20 pm PST

Microsoft Windows 7 users who have multitouch screens are now welcomed to download a new series of apps focused to play.

The Windows 7 Touch Pack offers three games and three Microsoft Surface apps and they are designed to show off the experience of moving and pinching objects on a touch screen.

The Touch Pack was previously seen on computers by certain manufacturers who opted to install it on their computers, but not at the end-user level.  Now, anyone with a multitouch monitor and Windows 7 can experience multitouch at full glory.

Games in the package include a Blackboard game that challenges you to solve a puzzle; Garden Pond allows you to move origami shape objects around a pond; and Rebound allows you to catapult a ball into the opponent’s goal.

Applications on the Surface platform include a Surface Globe, a program that allows you to explore the Earth in 2D and 3D; Collage allows you to arrange your photos; and Lagoon let’s you move and interact with fish.

Microsoft has been promoting multitouch technology as one of the outstanding features of Windows 7.  It is available to download on Microsoft’s website and is definitely worth a look at.