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Microsoft to Release Windows Live Beta

by Winston Sih | April 22, 2010April 22, 2010 1:58 pm PST

Microsoft is starting to prepare the next version of its movie-making and photo-editing software for public testing and the company confirmed this week that they wont work on Windows XP.

These programs are a part of a series of shifts in Windows Live, and will become a part of Microsoft’s online services.  In the upgrades of Windows Live Movie Maker, Live Photo Gallery and other Live programs, Microsoft is choosing to utilize the better graphics engines that come with Windows Vista and Windows 7.  This does however come at the cost of compatibility of older operating systems.

“We just decided that was the right choice,” said Microsoft Vice President Chris Jones.  Existing versions of the programs will be supported for XP users and online services like Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger will continue to work.

The main focus of the updated versions will be on the Movie Maker and Photo Gallery and will integrate an easier way to share the content online such as Facebook and Twitter.

Microsoft will as well continue to work on options to synchronize content across multiple platforms such as mobile phones and over the coming months, Microsoft will offer public testing of these services.

The reality is that “No one needs another events service,” reiterated Jones.  Microsoft is really striving for using these essential products to connect to other services, rather than trying to push Microsoft to make a new kind of service, which there is already plenty of.  People don’t need another photo-sharing service or social network, Jones said.

The additional details on all the new products will be released over the next few weeks.