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Blizzard Cashes In On Virtual Goods

by Travis Harvey | April 16, 2010April 16, 2010 2:19 am PST

If you’re a big World of Warcraft fan, you’ve probably heard of the Celestial Steed mount and Lil’XT companion pet that were slipped into the March patch.  Blizzard finally release the two virtual items for sale but there’s no need to start saving all your in-game currency to pick up one of these bad boys.  Blizzard put the two items up for sale in exchange for some of your real life money: $25 for the mount and $10 for pet.

In a surprise release yesterday, Blizzard put the two items up for sale on its Blizzard Store and they’ve already raked in a ton of cash money.  At around 7:30 p.m. EST yesterday the download queue reached a whopping 140,000.  That means if no mounts were sold Blizzard pulled in $1.4 million over several hours.  More realistically, Blizzard took in over $2 million based on the sale of these two virtual goods which hadn’t even been out for 24 hours.

Pooling the monthly WoW subscriptions they pull in, expansion packs sold, and now the sale of their virtual items surely has to make any game publisher’s jaw hit the floor.  That’s some serious dough flooding in and it’s no wonder World of Warcraft has become Blizzard’s top priority.

Impressive? Plain ol’ sad?  Did you pick up the glowy new mount?  Let us know what you make of it all in the comments.