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Five Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPad

by Sean P. Aune | April 14, 2010April 14, 2010 10:51 am PDT

It only took 24 hours for someone to figure out a way to jailbreak Apple’s iPad, but the question remains if there really is any reason to do so.  While there were a lot of reasons to jailbreak the iPhone and iPod Touch, a lot of those reasons were taken away in the iPad version of the operating system.  Will that stop people from doing it?  Of course not, but lets take a look at five reasons why you might want to still do it.

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Some people have said this is silly due to the size of the iPad, and it means you’re carrying around at least a netbook plus an iPad.  Well, imagine you have a 3G iPad, paying $30 a month for unlimited 3G … have you see how much 3G costs for 5 GB of transfer on a device like the Sprint Overdrive?  Suddenly tethering your iPad if you’re on a trip doesn’t seem so silly, does it?


The Apple/Adobe fight is getting silly, but if you want Flash support on your iPad, jailbreaking is probably going to be the only way you can do it.


People who have run jailbreak on their iPhone and iPod Touches have enjoyed customizing the look and feel of the entire device.  With the background image being changeable, there isn’t quite the same need to do so, but using some jailbreak applications, you can redesign just about everything.

Use It With other Carriers

The vast majority of people are fed up with AT&T, so jailbreaking would allow you to use the device with other 3G solutions, although seeing as no one else will have that $30 pricing, this may not be a net gain.

The Apps You Want

Tired of Apple saying which apps you can have?  Jailbreaking will allow you to install any applications you want, approved or not.  You get to remove Apple from the whole equation, so go wild with the apps you want.

What would make you consider jailbreaking your iPad?

Sean P. Aune

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