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Apple Addresses WiFi Problems On iPad

by Winston Sih | April 8, 2010April 8, 2010 4:45 pm PDT

ipadsafariQuite the group of people have been experiencing problems with their iPad regarding WiFi connectivity issues.  Apple has confirmed that the issue does exist although they are not elaborating on what and where the issues lie within the iPad hardware or software but rather giving a quick-fix article for users experiencing the problem.

According to a new knowledge base article, the issue is common within some third-party dual-band WiFi routers (any mix of 802.11 b, g, or n) and it has a tendency to occur if you have the same network name for each network and/or different security settings.

Apple claims to ensure that the iPad rejoins your saved WiFi networks, give each network a separate name and verify that they are using the same security settings.  It doesn’t exactly justify why other devices are able to connect to the said routers, however that’s all that Apple is willing to comment on, at the moment.

If you are experiencing WiFi problems on your iPad, let us know, did this fix the problem?  Leave a comment below.