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Mario Kart for iPad Looks Droolworthy

by Travis Harvey | April 7, 2010April 7, 2010 2:02 am PDT

While we wait for a public jailbreak release for iPad, ZodTTD (the developer behind Snes4iPhone) has pushed some of his work over to the iPad.  As emulators seem to be quite popular among iPhone/iPod Touch jailbreakers, this non-jailbreak SNES emulator looks quite impressive running on the iPad’s big screen.  Obviously the controls need some tweaking but if he can push out something with optimized controls that allow SNES games (namely Mario Kart) to take advantage of accelerometer controls, a few hesitant jailbreakers might finally take the leap.  Check out the video above for some hot Mario Kart action.  Do want!

[Via Gizmodo]