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The iPad Gets Stress Tested

by Travis Harvey | April 6, 2010April 6, 2010 3:29 am PST

Yes, it blends.  It’s not a realistic test but it’s always an entertaining few minutes.  But more realistically, PCWorld put the iPad through their standard stress testing and the results really aren’t that surprising.  Like the iPhone, the glass is super scratch resistant but’ll surely crack after a solid drop onto concrete.  Most suprisingly, after a few drops onto carpet the display adopted a thick grey line that’s sure to be an eyesore if you’re unlucky enough to attract.  Like the iPhone’s plastic back, the iPad’s aluminum tends to pick up more scratches than you’d like so PCWorld recommends getting a case on your multitouch baby pronto.  In other news, electronics don’t like water…or coffee.  In fact, they hate both.  Sure enough after a few seconds under water, the screen will short out and you’ll be left with a wobbly glass cutting board.  If you were told to ever give your iPad (or pretty much any electronic) a bath, I’d look for a second opinion.  The test ends with the always cringe-worthy drop to cement so if you’re squeemish, you might want to cut the video short.  Oh, if you hated that avoid this video like the plague.  All you iPad haters can rejoice, for this post contains three ways to destroy an iPad.

p.s. I apologize for the first 60 seconds of the above video…unless that’s your kind of humor.