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Microsoft Offers Cheaper Windows 7 Upgrades

by Winston Sih | April 5, 2010April 5, 2010 10:22 pm PST

One of the things Microsoft doesn’t want well known is the fact that it is quite easy to upgrade a PC from one version of Windows 7 to another.

Any computer running Windows 7 has the essential features included within Windows 7 Ultimate edition, built right in. Essentially, whenever a consumer wants to get access to these features, they purchase a code, which unlocks these essential features.  Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t had much luck in getting users aware of these upgrades.

A new promotion campaign from Microsoft starting Sunday was made in hopes of bringing more attention to these upgrades.  Some retailers will be offering those buying a new PC an opportunity to buy an upgrade to a higher version of Windows 7 at a discounted price.  In the U.S., there are two offers  and those purchasing a PC with Windows 7 Starter can go to Home Premium for $49 (compared to $79), and Home Premium to Professional will be available for $79 (compared to $89).

The offer will run until July 3rd in the U.S., according to Microsoft.

This move could help Microsoft push to make sure small businesses can get the Windows 7 machine they desire.  Small companies often buy their PCs at retail level and selection can often be a challenge to these smaller organizations.

Windows Anytime Upgrade started with Windows Vista, although with Vista, it required a special upgrade disk, in addition to purchasing the code.